Hamilton Southeastern Education Association

HSEA works to connect teachers with teachers while advancing the profession of teaching.

  • Our first AR meeting of the year is Wednesday Sept. 14th  - @FHS LGI Room! 4:15-5:15 p.m.  

Association Representative Meeting Dates:

  • Wednesday, November 8th 
  • Wednesday, January 11th
  • Wednesday, March 15th 
  • Wednesday, May 10th 

Executive Council:

President- Janet Chandler

Executive Vice President- Ben Yoder

VP of Political Action- Kelli Hanes

VP of PR and Communication- Leslie Brown

VP of Membership and Elections- Deb Jackson

Secretary- Abby Taylor

Treasurer- Mary Carson

Hoosier Road Elementary- Kelly Lattal, Katy Lee, Renee Ross (District Discussion:Janet Lee)

Lantern Road Elementary- Joni Curia, Erica Pederson (District Discussion: Anita Harrison)
New Britton Elementary- Kristina Sanders, Audrey Gunderson, Megan Smith (District Discussion:TBD)
Sand Creek Elementary- ​Liz Lanane, Allison Manion (District Discussion: Chelsea Elmore)
Thorpe Creek Elementary- ​Kristi King, Heather Yoder, Sarah Hamilton (District Discussion: Lisa King)

District Council

Janet Chandler- HSEA President

Ben Yoder - Executive Vice President

Deb Jackson- VP of Membership and Elections

Kelli Hanes- VP of Political Action

Leslie Brown- VP of PR and Communications

Association Representatives:
HSE High School- Brenda Barrett, Katie Gelhar, Ashley Heckley, Emily McGill, Dan Moosbrugger, Megan Miller, Peter Salvadori, Dana Simmons, Aaron Vest (District Discussion - Amy Shipley)

Fishers High School- Erin Domokos, Kathleen Mark, Gretchen Shafer, Tammy Snyder,Chris Edwards, Travis Kemper (District Discussion - Brent Freed) 

​Fishers Junior High-  Robin Keerns, Todd Lehman, Maureen Randall, John Schwoeppe (District Discussion: Karen Bowen)

HSE Intermediate/Junior High- Mary Bougher, Ashli Cooper, Max Goller (District Discussion: Tim Latimer)

Riverside Junior High- Tish LeMaster, Greg Cooke, Heidi Stan, (Diistrict Discussion: Katie Pentecost)

Fall Creek Intermediate- Ruth Everett, Michael Teal (District Discussion: Chris Oelker)

Riverside Intermediate- Susan Torrence, Gregg Hartman, Shannon Herring (District Discussion: Becky Floetker)

Sand Creek Intermediate- ​Jane Kotterman, Jennifer Suskovich (District Discussion: Brian Arthur)

Brooks School Elementary- Allie Rogowski, Tonya Kneller, Carolyn Porzuczek (District Discussion: Georgia Schwoeppe)

Cumberland Road Elementary- Ruth Roth, Todd Niswander, Suleman Hussain, (District Discussion: Missy Knouse)

Durbin Elementary- Denise Martinez, Mary Sizemore, (District Discussion: Amy Underhill)

Fall Creek Elementary- Heather Blount, Ailee Howard (District Discussion: Bill Marquardt)

Fall Creek Junior High - Shelley Feeney, Kim Kennedy, Lisa Mayhew (District Discussion: Rachel Hiatt)

Fishers Elementary- Melissa Bock, Jessica Renner (District Discussion:Peggy Savin)

Geist Elementary - Kelly Brown, Erin Green, Christa Stevenson (District Discussion: Tanya Barmore)

Harrison Parkway Elementary- Allison Hillebrand, Linda Shafer,Emily Case, (District Discussion: Kristy Seitz)


Important Dates: